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A Heart Transformation Program

Christian Boarding Schools Troubled Teens Home PageIf you’re the parent of a troubled teen in need of help, then you need to know that there is only one Christian program that can really address your teen’s spiritual, emotional, and therapeutic needs.  At C.A.R.E.S. Heart Transformation Program, we approach helping teens in a completely different way from most programs. Instead of using ineffective behavior modification methods, we believe in a biblical treatment model meant to help your child transform their heart.  We accomplish this transformation of your teen’s heart by treating their spirit, soul, and mind.  Please don’t settle for another program that won’t give your son or daughter this level of care.  If you need our help, you can reach us today at 855-992-4000.

A Short Term Treatment Program with Long Term Results

If you’ve spent time looking into treatment programs for troubled teens, then you probably already realize that most require a long attendance period.  At C.A.R.E.S. Homes For Youth, we not only think this is unnecessary, but can also be harmful to the relationship between parents and children.  Many teens will feel abandoned when put in these long term program and will have their communication with parents strictly limited.  Instead, we seek to provide long term benefits to your teen while maintaining a short treatment period of 30 to 90 days.  Because our treatment style is so effective at reaching out to troubled teens, this is all the time we require. 

In addition, we respect parent’s need to communicate with their teen as much as they wish.  We not only encourage communication, we also actively seek to engage parents in the process of helping their teen recover.   Family involvement is an important step towards helping your troubled teen overcome the issues they have been struggling with.  Our life coaches work with parents to help them change the way they relate to their teen and empower them to rectify their relationship.  This step is often neglected by treatment programs but is absolutely essential to the long term well-being and reunification of a family.

Another important aspect of treatment to consider is the peer interactions your teen will have while going through a program.  Many troubled teens have their problems intensify when going to more traditional treatment programs due to the negative peer pressure they receive from the other teens.  You don’t want your teen to be surrounded by peers facing even more serious issues.  At C.A.R.E.S., our staff will carefully monitor any interactions your son or daughter has with other teens and ensure that they only receive positive peer support while staying with us.  This helps to reinforce the changes we help your teen make.

Help For Christian Families

Because our treatment approach uses compassion and biblical values to reach out to troubled teens, we are able to aid teens with a variety of problems.  Some of the issues we help with most frequently include drug abuse, alcohol abuse, anger, depression, rebellious behavior, poor grades, and mental health issues such as obsessive-compulsive disorder, oppositional defiance disorder, attention deficit disorder, or borderline personality disorder.  With any of these problems, it is incredibly important that a teen receive professional support.  Don’t let your teen struggle when help is easily available.  We are confident that our staff will be able to reach out to your teen and help them transform their heart through our program.

Your Teen Can Get Treatment Today  

Because we are focused on helping as many teens as possible overcome their difficulties, we have sought to make the enrollment process as simple as possible.  To enter your teen into our program you just need to fill out our short online application and make a deposit.  After those steps your teen can enter our program as soon as it is possible for him to reach our facility.  Instead of making you jump through hoops, we just want this already difficult process to go as smoothly and easily as possible for your family.   If you have a teen who needs our help or if you would just like more information about our program, you can reach us immediately at 855-992-4000.

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